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An elder statesman and former Nigerian Ambassador to Switzerland, Alhaji Yahaya Kwande over the weekend told Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed of Bauchi State that it is high time for him to run for presidency in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election.

Ambassador Kwande stated this when he received the Bauchi governor on a special visit at his residence in Jos, Plateau State.

A statement by Muktar Gidado, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Bauchi Governor said
the elder statesman observed that, Governor Bala Mohammed’s vision and mission for Nigeria if given the mandate by Nigerians, will put the country on a path of prosperity, growth and rapid development for a better future.

Ambassador Kwande, said he was proud with the leadership skills of the Bauchi governor especially the way he is looking to handle the country with a robust framework and blueprint.

“I am highly delighted to receive you in my house Your Excellency, each time I heard you talking, I feel very happy and now time has come if you have not come out you might have done wrong for this country, and the way you are talking particularly making references to some of your senior colleagues is so nice because you are not arrogant in presentation and that is how you will be brought up.

“When I heard your coming, I said this is the time that I should be bold enough to say I am back to PDP. My mind 100 percent, yesterday, today and tomorrow is with PDP.” He added.

For Governor Bala Mohammed, his visit to Ambassador Yahaya Kwande was to seek for his support and guidance on his 2023 political ambition.

The Bauchi Governor insisted that, for younger generation to excel in politics, there is the need for them to always consult people like Kwande who have the knowledge and experience especially in leadership.

“We always seen you as a role model who excelled in politics, this is the time we need people like you in the country when there is so much division, so much rancor, and of course now with politics coming on board and some of us that are looking for something we need you for advice, we need you to put us on the good track, because of your experiences” He added.

“I have just come to pay you a visit as a mark of honour and to request you with all humility that please even though you are age, we feel we have a lot to gain from you because we are in need of a good direction.” Governor Bala added.

Similarly , former Minister of Steel in the Second Republic, Wantaregh Paul Unongo who also received the Bauchi governor at his residence in Jos, expressed confidence in his ability to stabilize and unite the country if given the opportunity to become the next President of Nigeria.

The elder statesman while backing up the presidential aspiration of his visitor, urged him if elected to consolidate on ensuring mutual understanding among the various tribes of the country especially fulani and Tiv for unity and progress of the Nation .

“I am overwhelmed with this visit by my son who is now the Governor of Bauchi State, this is my son whom I’m always pleased with and whatever ambition he has, I will back him.

“I am thinking about you on many things especially when we are looking for a young man to be our presidential candidate from the North and I will tell the people on why they should vote for Bala Mohammed as president of Nigeria.”

Earlier, Governor Bala Mohammed said his visit to the former Minister was to sympathize with him over the death of his mother, Madam Comfort Unongo.

“We must appreciate the serious struggle you made to bring development to Nigeria and to your people and we said togetherness is always attested by personal visit.” He added.



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