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By Umar Faruq Ahmad

Chairman Balanga Local Government area in Gombe state, Hon. Garba Umar Garus has praised Foundation for Youth Awakening and Empowerment FOYAE for bringing the campaign on budget and government expenditure awareness to his subjects.

The chairman stated this on Wednesday at a function at the local government secretariat championed by FOYAE.

He urged his subjects to heed to the lessons learnt on the program as it was a welcome development to Balanga, he said.

Mr. Yahaya Atiku, the key note speaker of the foundation urged the citizenry; both tax and non-tax payers to pay active vigilance in state and local government budget formation and execution; particularly on the part of basic education; so as to ensure scrupulousness.

Speaking on governance at the grassroot Yusuf Atiku said he believes Local Government autonomy could go a long way in eradicating poverty and improving quality of basic education in the country.

Mr. Yahaya Atiku, while elaborating how funds accrue to government coffers, he illustrated what happens in event of surplus and deficit budget, by relating it to household expenditure.

He expressed delight over the attendance of the Balanga Local government Chairman which he said is an indicator that the people have deep interest in the program.

“We are happy for what has transpired today in the sensitization process of budget process that involve participation of the citizens as it affects basic education in Balanga local government area and Gombe state at large”

“We have been so encouraged by the attendance of Balanga local government chairman and his councillors and his executive council at large were all part of the participatory workshop today of budget and budgetary processes of basic education”

“It is a pointer and an indicator to us that definitely his people are really understanding what budget is and that they have a role to play in preparing the state and local government budget”

He added that the gesture is of impact, and a starter to development in Balanga local government.

Mr. Joshua Joji Kangala, a beneficiary of the program said the program is much enlightening and educating.



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