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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has directed that the budget of the health sector be raised to 10%.

The Special Adviser on Health to the President, Dr Salma Ibrahim-Anas, said this in Abuja Tuesday at the Gatefield Health Summit in partnership with the National Action on Sugar Reduction Coalition and the World Bank aimed at advancing healthcare financing through pro-health taxes.

She said the president was still willing to increase the health sector budgetary allocation if properly utilized.

“Even before we advocate, though we need advocacies, and we don’t even need to advocate to Mr. President. He had said that he is going to increase allocation for health. It’ll start from 10% of the total budgetary allocation will go to the health sector, and that’s just the beginning.
“Based on our demonstration of capacities to utilize, and an indication of accountability, he’s going to increase more. And that is just the beginning. So, he has challenged us to do that to demonstrate those capacities and he’s ready to support and mobilise additional resources wherever they’re”, she said.

She, however, said the funds generated from the sugar-sweetened beverages taxes should be allocated to the health sector.



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