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A political group “Patriots For Good Governance” has launched alongside their movement tagged, Project GEJ 2023, as they clamour for the return of former President Goodluck Jonathan whom they described as a statesman that ticks all the boxes for what Nigeria needs during difficult times like this.

In a statement issued on Sunday in Kano, Dr. Mustapha Ahmadu, co-convener of the movement said, Jonathan’s peaceful disposition and his rare display of sportsmanship in conceding defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari is one attribute that has endeared him to many Nigerians.

“There is no gainsaying that Former President Goodluck Jonathan is the most qualified and experienced to succeed President Buhari. Under him, our country witnessed unprecedented growth and his government was attentive to the whole country, and really favourable to the North in many ways, including project development.” It added.

The group added that Jonathan‘s educational policy of infusing western education into Islamic education was one aimed at ending Out-Of-School children in Northern Nigeria.

It added that the former president built many federal universities in the North and also encouraged our farmers by providing them with fertilizers and other farming tools.

Dr. Mustapha Ahmadu further stated that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a man of peace who has demonstrated in times past as a good friend of the North who wants nothing but the best for the region.

The group acknowledged that while the North-East situation had improved significantly under President Muhammudu Buhari, President Jonathan is nonetheless expected to work hand in hand with his predecessor to improve on the issues of security in other parts of the North and Nigeria to render them a thing of the past.

The statement enjoined President Muhammadu not to bow to pressure from centrifugal forces bent on destroying the country and the APC and to continue to listen to those urging him to support Former President Goodluck Jonathan to succeed him.



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