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By Umar Faruk Ahmad

The district head of Gelengu Mr. Manu Yarima, in Balanga local government has appreciated efforts by Foundation for Youth Awakening and Empowerment FOYAE for educating residents of Balanga on budget as a legal document.

Mr. Yarima gave the accolade on Thursday during a sensitization campaign organized by the Foundation and held at the local government secretariat.

He said the campaign was much educative and he and his people are open to more sessions like it in the future.

Addressing the crowd, keynote speaker of the FOYAE Mr. Yusuf Bachama charged them on active participation in budget as he said “It enhances growth and development in government”.

He emphasized the importance of budget a means to ensuring inclusion of projects.

He also advocated for them to be active in budget participation for them to get a fair share of government.

Bachama charged the audience to hold periodic town hall meetings to a address common issues and take collective and decisive actions.

Emphasising on the theme of the campaign – basic education, Bachama stated that according to Nigeria’s constitution it is free for all, and pushed for the provision to be exercised.

He tasked all citizens on patriotism and safeguarding public property especially school property.

“It is important that we take responsibility as citizens at all times”, he said.

Asked about how a lawmaker can be recalled by his constituents, Mr. Bachama said that it was a difficult task but one that could be achieved.

He explained that the task requires in part; according to section 110 of the 1999 constitution, “presentation of petition to chairman of INEC, signed by more than one half of the registered voters of that constituency.”

Upon the receipt of the petition a referendum shall be arranged by INEC within 3 months, he added.

While persuading the youth to imbibe spirit of perseverance and resilience, the speaker required them to aware of rights they have over the government as citizens.

“We as citizens most know that our right is our right and most importantly we must push for collective interest not selfish interest”, he remarked.

Speaking at the event the executive director of FOYAE Mrs. Linda Alabura thanked the people of Balanga for their active participation in the program and promised to launch another program after the elapse of this one.

” We’ll embark on a special training program targeted at women, youth and People Living With Disability PLWD on how to pursue budget.”



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